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  1. RONDA WCB-75 Gear Oil Pump


    WCB gear oil pump is small model oil pump which is portable. Pump can be made in stainless steel. Private oil pumping operation is most easy with this pump.
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  2. RONDA DYB 12V DC Electric fuel oil recovery pump


    DYB 12v dc diesel electric fuel oil recovery pump with an inner bypass safe valve is a reliable pump which shows IP55 in the strict anti-seismic property test.Used to pump diesel/kerosene, doesn't apply to the delivery of the low-burning point mediums( such as gasoline, oil gas, alcohol, etc).
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    12v ronda dc mini submersible water pump has less power cost, larger flow and great anticorrosion ability. Pump is suitable for lifting clean water not containing abrasive substances.It's compact, novelty, advanced, stable performance, light & durable and easy to repair. Used for all the drainage of shipping, aquaculture, graziery, and industrial & mineral industry with matched power supply.

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  4. RONDA Vacuum Pump For Fridge


    Suitable for refrigeration repair (CFC, HCFC and HFC, as R12/R22/R134a so new refrigerant vacuum pumps suitable for R410a, R407C), printing machinery, vacuum packaging, gas analysis, thermoplastic molding industry pumping operations can also be used as a backing pump all kinds of high vacuum equipment.
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  5. RONDA RJ Water Jet Pump


    RJ type of stainless steel water jet pump is made up of electric motor, pump and sealing. It's ideal household pump with the merits of energy saving, small volume, light weight, compact structure, easy to install and used. The pump is used to transfer clean water without solids. The temperature limit is below 40°C(104°F) and medium PH value between 6.5-8.5. Mainly used for household water supply, tap water booster, garden irrigation, farmland irrigation and drainage, water supply in vegetable greenhouse.
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5 Item(s)