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pet food

Quality Pet Food

Burgess® Made using only the finest quality ingredients in UK. The best food for your family pets, s and cats. Wellbeing – Sensitive – Hypoallergenic - Breed Specific – Supadog - High Quality Complete. Free from Artificial Colours & Flavours. Find out more..


Professional and Domestic knives for every use – Chefs, Butchers, Culinary schools and of course for the cooking aficionados that demand the best at reasonable prices. Knives, Cutting boards, Spatulas, Sharpeners, Kitchen tools and more..

GK Brands

GK Brands

With years of experience and the constant strive for quality at an affordable price. We bring you everyday products backed by our name as signature and stamp of approval. Tested repeatably for quality and safety and with Premium packaging we offer you the best for your home or workplace

German Electrical Appliances

UNOLD ® Leave the stresses and strains of your everyday routine behind you. With a whole range of devices featuring sophisticated technology that will simply make your life easier. Powerful kitchen machines for every purpose that you will be happy to use daily. Backed by leading German technology. Find out more..

Electrical Appliances